Safety Discounts Do Apply in Oregon

Today's cars have all sorts of safety features, and in Oregon your auto insurance company may offer you a discount for some of them.  It is referred to as the Car Feature Discount.  So if you have a car that has updated features, or if you have had one installed, make sure your independent insurance agent is aware of them.  We agents can't know everything about every car!

It just depends on your car really here, the discounts under this category are not dependent on you like they usually are.  Typical discounts include: daytime or running lights, ABS brakes, anti-theft device (alarm, tracking system, etching), front and side airbags, automatic seat belts, etc. The discounts for these are usually recognized in the sophisticated software your independent insurance agent uses based on the VIN number. So, when contacting your agent for a quote, be sure you have the complete and correct number available.  If you have had something added "after market" make sure you bring your documentation for the system, the insurance company will require proof.

If you have one of these systems installed, give your independent insurance agent - Pulse Insurance 503-489-3143 - a call and let them know.  Depending on the auto insurance company you have your car insurance with in Oregon you may qualify for an additional discount.