Most car insurance companies in Oregon offer discounts if you state that you are married AND that you list your spouse on the policy.  This can get ricky because some people do not want to list their spouse for a variety of reasons. Some of them are to protect the spouse, some are to protect their "preferred" insurance status, and some are because the spouse is not licensed.

Many spouses are not licensed. It could be that they have never been licensed, the license of the spouse is expired, or the spouse has a suspened or revoked license.  We can work around that. Some companies still allow the married credit and are able to exclude or list the spouse as a non-driver. It is always better to be honest about being married, take the credit, and exclude the spouse from your policy if necessary.

If the spouse has a valid license and you are simply trying to save your "preferred" insurance status listing the spouse on the policy will not take this away from you. 

Many companies are now recognizing domestic partners for this discount too. As long as the partnership is documented, in Oregon you are good to go.  Just give us a call if this applies to you and we will see how much you can save by declaring and listing a domestic partner on your auto insurance policy.

Independent insurance agents will help you to qualify for all the discounts you can, just an open discussion with your agent - Pulse Insurance at 503-489-3143 - can add discounts that will lower your auto insurance premium as much as possible.