Auto Insurance companies in Oregon almost always offer a Multi-car discount when you have more than one car on your auto insurance policy.  Believe me, this is a big discount, and you don't have to be a homeowner, have six months of prior insurance, be married, or anything else to qualify for it. In Oregon you just have to have more than one car on your auto insurance policy, and in some cases at least as many drivers as cars. 

Most car insurance companies take off a percentage of the cost of each vehicle if you insure more than one car on the policy. This discount can drop your premium in Oregon by hundreds of dollars over a 6 month period.  Depending on your coverage choices and the specific vehicles on your policy, it may cost you less for two cars than it did for one!  So make sure you include all the vehicles you own, and get that discount.

There are a couple of auto insurance companies that will only give you this discount as long as you have the same number of cars as drivers, so include all the drivers in your household.  Make sure you verify with your independent insurance agent how your insurance company will approach your situation with a Multi-car discount.

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