Paid in Full is a Big Discount on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance companies in Oregon will usually offer you deep discounts if you are able to pay the full six month term premium at once.  This discount applies even if no other discount can be applied.  If you can pay in full, regardless of your license status (suspended, expired, SR22, multiple tickets, or clean) you can get this discount.  This discount is about two primary issues - cost and responsibility.

Discounts for paying your premium all at one time can be up to 15% of the total cost of the policy.  This is because when you pay in full for the 6 months of insurance on your car all at once that means the insurance company doesn't have to bill you.  So you save on the billing charges you get hit with every month.  The insurance company knows they won't have to send you a late notice, and they will not have costs for processing payments through their bank. 

One of the biggest rating factors (what determines your rate in Oregon) is how responsible the people driving the cars on your auto insurance policy appear to be.  The more responsible you appear, they less risky, the less expensive your insurance.  One way to get a leg up is to pay for your auto insurance in full.  That makes you look responsible, even if you put it on your credit card.

Ask your independent agent at Pulse Insurance - 503-489-3143 - to compare the paid-in-full price with the various payment plans she will have to offer you. The savings may be worth paying all at once.  We can all use a discount.