Every auto insurance discount in Oregon you can get is worth it.  If you don't drive your car to work, you can probably qualify for the Pleasure Use Discount on your car insurance, and it can really help you lower the cost of your auto insurance policy. If you are a stay-at-home parent, retired, or work strictly from your residence you may qualify. This means that you use your car occasionally to go to church, grocery store or other unscheduled destinations.

It is important to remember that this discount is not the same as the multi-car or carpool discount.  These other discounts are based on multiple vehicles and occasionally driving to work.  Also depending on the company and your situation it could be a double edged sword.  Some companies give you discounts for being employed, as long as you drive less than 15 miles to work.  If they take away that discount because you don't work, and add the Pleasure Use discount, it may not be exactly a wash as far as the premium goes.

If you think you should qualify for this discount give your independent agent a call - at Pulse Insurance that is 503-489-3143 - to see how it might effect your policy here in Oregon.