Agents working through an independent auto insurance agency can often find you a discount if you had higher than Oregon state minimum limits on your prior car insurance.  It is called the Higher Limit Discount. If you maintain limits above what the State of Oregon requires, many companies now offer you a discount if you purchase those same limits or higher.

So, higher limits doesn't necessarily mean higher price. In many cases, choosing higher limits lowers the price of your insurance to less than what it would cost to buy a policy with just minimum state requirements. Strange? Yes! But, the logic behind offering lower prices for higher limits is that it indicates you are responsible in your financial decision-making and in Oregon that translates to a more responsible driver. And a responsible driver is what every insurance company hopes for.

So, call your independent insurance agent today to find out which car insurance companies reward you for having had higher than state minimum limits. If you have minimum limits now, raise them as soon as you can. You will be surprised at how little your rates go up for simply doubling the limits of your liability coverage. There is no limit to how much someone can sue you for after an accident. Get as high a limit of coverage as your budget will allow. You will find that as you shop around, the fact you had higher limits will act in your favor and you will get better quotes.

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