Auto insurance companies in Oregon will reward customers with discounts of up to 40% just by keeping a car insurance policy going for at least 6 months, and keeping a policy in-force with your name on it or you as a listed driver is probably the number one most important discount. 

If you haven't had insurance, the discount usually begins after you have maintained your insurance coverage for six months, and the discount gets bigger the longer you can prove you have had insurance (up to three years). Look at the information sent to you for your auto insurance and see if you can find enough proof to get you this credit.

Unfortunately some companies don't automatically drop the cost of insurance after your first six months. It doesn't make much sense, but you may have to move your insurance to a company that will reward you with a transfer discount. Then you can move it back to the first company if you want, and get the discount.  Your independent insurance agent usually represents more than one company and can check for you at every renewal to see which company is offering you and your unique criteria the very best rate you can get.

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