Renewal Discounts on your Oregon car insurance policy is an easy discount to earn, just keep your policy with Pulse Insurance going for six months and you got it! That's right just six months of car insurance and you are on your way to a lower auto insurance rate overall. Even if you need an Oregon SR22, have a dui/diversion on your DMV record, or have had an accident in the last three years, car insurance discounts are out there and anyone can earn this one.

Renewal insurance discounts are not the same as prior car insurance discounts. In Oregon a renewal discount is offered by the auto insurance company you already have at the end of your six month insurance policy as an incentive to pay your auto insurance renewal and stay with them for another six months. Auto Insurance companies want to save money, just like you. It is cheaper for them to keep car insurance customers in Oregon than it is to find new ones, even if you do have an SR22 or other tickets on your driving record with the DMV.

Remember however that your rate will only go down so far, otherwise you would soon have car insurance for free! Personally I have had the same insurance company for more than 20 years, and my rate went up $20 a month last time. There were no changes to my driving record, the company simply took a rate increase to cover the increasing costs of business. So, we all know free insurance isn't going to happen - let's be realistic.

If your policy didn't go down in price after your first six months of continuous insurance, give Pulse Insurance a call at 503-489-3143 or send us an email. Usually if your rate did not go down there is a different reason - general premium increases, perhaps you moved, or the insurance company found another ticket. We will help you locate a company that will give you a renewal discount, and review your current auto insurance rate.