Don't have Prior Insurance - Didn't own a Car?

Uninsured with Cause. This auto insurance discount has many names, but essentially it means that you are entitled to receive a discount on your car insurance as though you had continuous coverage for six months or more. The law in the State of Oregon requires auto insurance companies to give the Renewal or Transfer discount if one of the following applies:

  • You were on active military duty and deployed
  • You were given a company car for business and personal use
  • You did not own a vehicle
  • You are buying a car for the very first time, or
  • You lived in a country other than the United States.

The approach of your auto insurance company towards this discount will depend on who the insurance company is.  Some of the insurance companies will make you pay for the 6 month auto insurance policy all at one time, in full.  Other insurance companies will treat you just the same as any other customer with a more traditional type of prior insurance.

Now comes the hard part. You must prove one of the above conditions existed. You will be required to show documented proof. Some of these might be a little difficult to prove. Talk to your independent agent at Pulse Insurance - 503-489-3143 - for more details on how to get the proof you need to take advantage of these discounts.