This past week several of my customers have had claims involving unknown drivers.  Let me explain - In one case, my customer was rear-ended at a stop light.  When they and the driver of the other vehicle agreed to move the cars out of the road, the other driver left (without exchanging information).  In the second case, my customer came out of his friends house to discover a note on his car from someone that said she had hit his car, along with a contact telephone number (no one has ever answered that phone).

Both customers were upset to discover they would have a deductible to pay.  The accident wasn't the fault of either of these drivers, that is correct.  However, this type of a claim is generally paid under the "Uninsured Motorist" coverage I include on every policy written through my office, and I hope you all have on your policies.  This coverage pays for the claim when the person who hit your vehicle is unknown, underinsured, or has no insurance at all.