Fire ripped through a duplex on Halloween night here in Gresham, Oregon. The fire started in the chimney, and caused damage to both units in the building. Two families are now homeless. The simple purchase of a Renter's Insurance policy would have not only provided the funds to replace their belongings, but also would have provided the funds for a temporary place to live. A standard Renter's Insurance policy in Oregon can often be added to your auto insurance and ranges from $125 to $210 a year for minimum coverage.

It's not always what happens in your home that causes the need for insurance, sometimes it is what happens next door. The chimney fire as happened in the story above, the forgotten gas grill that ignites the wood deck or house siding, the tree in the front yard that crashes through the roof. While the landlord is responsible for the building, your belongings are your responsibility, and they will not pay for them. That is what insurance is for. To protect you ā€“ from things like fire (think water damage too from the fire hose) and theft.

Think about it ā€“ from $125 a year and you don't have to worry about your neighbor's mistakes, your kid's friend that cut his toe on your screen door, or your furniture in the front room that got rained on through the hole in the roof. This is Oregon ā€“ it rains, trees fall down, we use our chimney's, and we have friends over. Liability, Personal Property, Medical Payments, and Loss of Use. Such a small premium, such a big deal if you don't have it when you need it.

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