If you ever decide mid-term (in the middle of your policy) to change the agent that takes care of your policy for any reason, take pity on your new agent. Your new agent is taking you on as a favor, they get nothing out of it at all. So kindness or at least understanding on your part can win you some points.

Most often when an agent change occurs it is because a person moves too far away from an agent to make premium payments in their office. Perhaps the prior agent no longer represents that particular insurance company and the individual needs to find a new agent for that company.

The new agent will not have any direct access to your policy until the renewal date, when everything will appear as if my magic. Until then questions like "how much is my bill" and "when is my bill due", or "what are my deductibles" are not something we can instantly answer. If we are lucky we got the insurance company to send us a policy declarations.

Also, taking payments in the office is extremely difficult. For example, Progressive will run an electronic check for the premium right out of our agency trust account. Good, that's where it is supposed to come from. However, the run it instantly. We cannot be at the bank depositing your premium so they can take it immediately and be at the office collecting it and calling it in over the telephone for you. So, please, plan to make your payments via debit card, your electronic check, or by mail until the policy renewal date when we can upload electronically from our premium trust accounts and go to the bank after hours.

We are always happy to be of assistance, and will try to make this as smooth of a transition for everyone as possible. Give us a call at Pulse Insurance for more information - 503-489-3143, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..