When customers reach their policy renewal date two things happen in many cases:

First, they don't realize that they have no grace period on the renewal premium. Sometimes, customers get accustomed to paying a few days late, and simply pay the late fee with the premium. While not the best situation, this works for them. However, when the 6 month contract between the insurance company and the policy holder is over, IT IS OVER! The insurance company does not have to, and doesn't, give a grace period for the renewal premium. It is always due THE DAY BEFORE the renewal, or ON THE LAST DAY of the 6 month contract. The contract has ended, it no longer exists, and the insurance company owes no further notice than the renewal notice they sent to the insured.

Second, they don't plan for a new down payment. A new 6 month contract is beginning, and a down payment will be required. Depending on the carrier, that could be 16% to 25% of the total 6 month premium.

Bottom line is that when the contract is over, it is over. You have to start fresh (even if you are renewing the contract with the same carrier) with a down payment and commitment to the insurance company.