I recently was discussing driving habits with a customer and realized there was something I do as a passenger that is very dangerous. It has nothing to do with the driver, or the choices the driver makes when driving. It is my choice, and one I might have to pay for in a big way. When I am in the front passenger seat I often will put one or both of my feet up on the dash or in the window frame because I find it comfortable. I have done this for many years and certainly enjoy it.  I can assure you I will think twice before I do it again. This auto insurance customer pointed out to me that a member of his family used to do that all the time, until she was a passenger with her foot in the window frame when an accident occurred. The passenger side airbag went off and crushed both her legs from the hips down. This makes the habit I have had for years a comfortable but dangerous habit. I prefer to continue to walk just the way I do now. How about you? Understandably, particularly on long trips you might just want to be a little less cramped or a little more comfortable, please think about the risk of not sitting in your seat the way it was intended to be sat in. At Pulse Insurance we care about your safety.