When you get in an accident, the number one thing to remember is to get information about the other driver and vehicle.  Get as much as you can.  If the other driver leaves the scene without exchanging information with you, try to get the kind of car (make/model) and the license plate number.  You will need this information to file a claim and your accident report with the Oregon DMV.

If the driver of the other vehicle stops to exchange information get their name, address, telephone number, driver's license number, plate number on the vehicle, insurance company name, and their insurance policy number.

If the driver of the other vehicle does not stop, try to get the type of car and the license plate number of the vehicle.  This will help you in the event you need to file a claim for Uninsured Motorist Property Damage.

Call directly to the insurance company to file your claim, their telephone number is located on your ID card.  They will take your statement, and may record the conversation.  You may also need to call the insurance company for the other driver to file a claim for damages to your vehicle.

You can always call our office at 503-489-3143 to get assistance, but your claim must be filed directly with the company.  Claims are never good.  One thing to remember is that no matter how much the insurance company tries to do, they can't actually put you in the exact position you were in before the accident happened.