Almost every 15 minutes I get a call from an Oregon auto insurance customer that wants to pay their insurance with their credit or debit card (or even electronic check).  Often I am on the other telephone line, or I have a customer at my desk.  The customer leaves me a message to call them back, or they just hang up (I have caller ID).  This can result in numerous calls back and forth until we finally connect.  Remember Pulse Insurance is open from 9am to 5 pm Monday through Friday (and closed for lunch).

A better option would be to check your bill when it comes in the mail and call the toll free telephone number to pay by phone directly with the insurance company.  That way you can pay the bill when you have time, not when the agent does. Alternatively you can log onto the insurance company website to pay your bill.  Usually you will need your user name and password, or your policy number and zip code.

Sometimes people want to call the agent to make the payment so their debit card or checking account information isn't being put out on the internet.  The website I use to post electronic payments for customers is the exact same website they would go to and post the payment themselves.  There is no difference or extra layer of protection, secret website, or anything of that nature.

Consider making your payment on your time, anytime, and use the options available to you that don't require literally speaking to the agent:

  • Mail your check or money order directly to the company in the envelope they provide with your monthly bill,
  • Call the toll-free number included on your monthly billing (or on your ID card) to make your electronic payment,
  • Log onto your insurance company website to post your payment,
  • Set your auto insurance premium up on auto-draft.

If you must pay in the office, remember that checks will be electronically uploaded immediately on the insurance company's website.  As a result of rising bank and fuel costs, non-electronic payments made in the office require an additional $5.00 fee to cover the charges to Pulse Insurance associated with processing your payment through our bank.