We've got great rates on Renter's insurance, with three companies to choose from.  Kemper Specialty will even let you endorse it onto your auto insurance!

Everyone gets it that they are required to have auto insurance if they want to drive.  But what about Renter's Insurance?  Sure some apartment complexes make you get it, but most people don't want to, and don't understand why they have to purchase it.  What is it for?
Renter's insurance is for the obvious - fire, water damage, theft - to your stuff. It also normally provides liability insurance and medical payments to others that get injured in your home in the amount stated on the policy.

Many people think they don't need it because they don't have anything that is worth having insurance for.  I have an interesting flyer on the edge of my desk these days.  It's amazing really.  It shows how much it cost to get just one of each item you will need, not extra items, but one set of work clothes, one set of casual clothes, one towel, etc.  Who has only one set of anything like that?  Just those things come to about $1,350.00.  One towel?  Really?

So you are careful, you won't start any fires, and you lock your doors.  Ok, you probably do.  But what about your neighbors?  Will they start a fire?  Will the guy downstairs be responsible with his bar-be-que?  Will the lady next door have a kitchen fire cooking chicken in oil on high on the stove?  Even if the fire doesn't reach you, the water damage from the fire department will.

Renter's insurance is also what pays when someone breaks into your car and steals your gym bag or computer.  Your auto insurance pays for the damage to the vehicle.  If you don't have Renter's insurance nobody pays for your stolen items.  Yes, even if you have full coverage.  Your stuff isn't part of the car, and isn't covered by your auto insurance.

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