First, give us a call!  Auto insurance is required, but if you don't own a vehicle you can purchase a "non-owner" policy to get your SR22.  We are at 503-489-3143 in Gresham or 503-693-2852 in Hillsboro.

It only takes a moment to get a quote.

To file an SR22 in Oregon you must have an original copy.  It cannot be emailed or faxed.  There are only two options for delivery to the Oregon DMV.  Which route you choose (and it is your choice) depends on how urgently you need the SR22.

Assuming you purchase your insurance from an Oregon agent, the agent can print out, sign, and provide you with the SR22 in their office at the same time you sign your insurance paperwork.  This is the only option for someone that needs an SR22 immediately, or needs an SR22 to attach to a hardship application for driving priveleges.  You walk out of the office with one in your hands, isn't that convenient!

Once your policy is issued with an SR22, the insurance company will automatically file it with the Oregon DMV.  This would mean if you already took yours in, they will get a duplicate.  That is not a problem.  In this instance, more is better than less.  If you do not need your SR22 immediately, you can take this option.

Some states (like Washington) allow SR22's to be faxed, Oregon does not.

We are centrally located on the eastside (Gresham/SE Portland) and the westside (Hillsboro/Beaverton).  Call us today for your SR22 insurance quote!