Uninsured Motorist Auto Insurance Claims

This past week several of my customers have had claims involving unknown drivers.  Let me explain - In one case, my customer was rear-ended at a stop light.  When they and the driver of the other vehicle agreed to move the cars out of the road, the other driver left (without exchanging information).  In the second case, my customer came out of his friends house to discover a note on his car from someone that said she had hit his car, along with a contact telephone number (no one has ever answered that phone).

Both customers were upset to discover they would have a deductible to pay.  The accident wasn't the fault of either of these drivers, that is correct.  However, this type of a claim is generally paid under the "Uninsured Motorist" coverage I include on every policy written through my office, and I hope you all have on your policies.  This coverage pays for the claim when the person who hit your vehicle is unknown, underinsured, or has no insurance at all.

How to get an SR22 in Oregon - fast!

First, give us a call!  Auto insurance is required, but if you don't own a vehicle you can purchase a "non-owner" policy to get your SR22.  We are at 503-489-3143 in Gresham or 503-693-2852 in Hillsboro.

It only takes a moment to get a quote.

To file an SR22 in Oregon you must have an original copy.  It cannot be emailed or faxed.  There are only two options for delivery to the Oregon DMV.  Which route you choose (and it is your choice) depends on how urgently you need the SR22.

Assuming you purchase your insurance from an Oregon agent, the agent can print out, sign, and provide you with the SR22 in their office at the same time you sign your insurance paperwork.  This is the only option for someone that needs an SR22 immediately, or needs an SR22 to attach to a hardship application for driving priveleges.  You walk out of the office with one in your hands, isn't that convenient!

Once your policy is issued with an SR22, the insurance company will automatically file it with the Oregon DMV.  This would mean if you already took yours in, they will get a duplicate.  That is not a problem.  In this instance, more is better than less.  If you do not need your SR22 immediately, you can take this option.

Some states (like Washington) allow SR22's to be faxed, Oregon does not.

We are centrally located on the eastside (Gresham/SE Portland) and the westside (Hillsboro/Beaverton).  Call us today for your SR22 insurance quote!

Renter's Insurance - Got it?

We've got great rates on Renter's insurance, with three companies to choose from.  Kemper Specialty will even let you endorse it onto your auto insurance!

Everyone gets it that they are required to have auto insurance if they want to drive.  But what about Renter's Insurance?  Sure some apartment complexes make you get it, but most people don't want to, and don't understand why they have to purchase it.  What is it for?
Renter's insurance is for the obvious - fire, water damage, theft - to your stuff. It also normally provides liability insurance and medical payments to others that get injured in your home in the amount stated on the policy.

Many people think they don't need it because they don't have anything that is worth having insurance for.  I have an interesting flyer on the edge of my desk these days.  It's amazing really.  It shows how much it cost to get just one of each item you will need, not extra items, but one set of work clothes, one set of casual clothes, one towel, etc.  Who has only one set of anything like that?  Just those things come to about $1,350.00.  One towel?  Really?

So you are careful, you won't start any fires, and you lock your doors.  Ok, you probably do.  But what about your neighbors?  Will they start a fire?  Will the guy downstairs be responsible with his bar-be-que?  Will the lady next door have a kitchen fire cooking chicken in oil on high on the stove?  Even if the fire doesn't reach you, the water damage from the fire department will.

Renter's insurance is also what pays when someone breaks into your car and steals your gym bag or computer.  Your auto insurance pays for the damage to the vehicle.  If you don't have Renter's insurance nobody pays for your stolen items.  Yes, even if you have full coverage.  Your stuff isn't part of the car, and isn't covered by your auto insurance.

Give us a call at 503-489-3143 (Pulse Insurance on the eastside) or 503-693-2852 (Insuresource Agencies on the westside) for a quick quote - it's the cheapest insurance you'll ever have!

How Do I Make a Payment on My Auto Insurance When Your Office is Closed?

Why doesn't your office open earlier? I need to make my payment!

Our office opens at 9:00 that is true and for some people that is not convenient for making payments.  We encourage you to make your payment by mail directly to the insurance company (you get an envelope with your bill, it is cheaper to mail it than to drive to our office).  You can call the insurance company directly (the telephone number is on your bill or our website).  You can log on to your insurance company's website and pay your bill with an electronic check or with a credit/debit card.  Any of these options will save you the additional cost of fuel and the in office payment fee of $5.00.

If you do come to the office to make your payment, we DO NOT take cash.  Bring a money order.  If you forget, the mailbox store in our shopping complex now sells money orders, please go get one.

Am I Eligible for a Non-Owner Auto Insurance Policy?

A non-owner auto insurance policy in Oregon is basically a policy that provides secondary coverage for Bodily Injury (and Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury) in the event of an accident.  It also provides Property Damage and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on a secondary basis.  There is no coverage for Uninsured Motorist Property Damage, Comprehensive, or Collision coverage.

One of they major points to remember is that non-owner car insurance policies do not provide any type of coverage for the vehicle you are driving.  In fact it does not cover the vehicle you are driving at all, under any circumstances.  The registered owner of the vehicle is required to maintain at least minimum liability on the vehicle.

Let's look at an example - you borrow my car, you have a non-owner policy (or even a regular policy for that matter), and you get into an accident.  My insurance company will pay the charges for the accident, not yours.  OK, let's say the accident you had in my car was your fault, and the damage you caused costs more to fix than my company will pay for.  Only then does your policy kick in and begin to pay.  There are some limitations to these payments, such as whether you live in my household and have regular use of the vehicle, etc.  But generally that is how it works.

So why would you want or need a non-owner's auto insurance policy then?  If you are required by the Oregon DMV to file an SR22 you might need one.  People who do not have a vehicle registered in their name are eligible for a non-owner's auto insurance policy, people who have a vehicle registered in their names are not.  If you do not own a car, but drive for work and need an SR22 for a valid driver's license you would get one of these types of policies.

Be careful however they do not cover a vehicle owned or registered to you.  They do not make it legal to drive an otherwise uninsured vehicle on the roads of Oregon.  And even if you just bought the car today and didn't have time to add it to your policy, it is not covered.
If you do have a non-owner's auto insurance policy and purchase a car, call us right away.  Most companies will let you convert your existing policy to a "regular" policy by adding the vehicle without starting a whole new policy.