Deleting or removing a car from your car insurance is as simple as your signature on a piece of paper authorizing us to take the car off your policy. Just a phone call isn't good enough, unfortunately. We need proof on file that you did, in fact, request that car be deleted.

There are lots of reasons why we need the signature. Let's say you sold the car but got it back and forgot to tell us to put it back on the policy. Or, the most common problem is you didn't sell the car, it was broken down or you just weren't using it for a period of time. Let's say you fixed it or for some reason you needed to use it in a hurry. We just don't want any misunderstanding and for your protection and ours we need something documenting your decision to remove the car from your policy.

Keep in mind that if you wish to delete a car from your policy that you anticipate the premium payment change will not take affect until the next billing cycle. What this means is that if there is a bill already outstanding based on this car still on the policy that you will probably still owe the whole premium until they give you credit for having taken the car off. That's right. If you call up today to remove a car and your bill is due today, don't expect to be able to pay a lesser amount because you are deleting a car. The computer system with most insurance companies needs time to make the change in the system to adjust the bill for next billing cycle.

Please call us at 503-489-3143 if you have any questions about how making changes to your policy will affect your premium and what are the requirements for adding and deleting cars from your policy.