Rarely should you reach the point where you must file a complaint with a government agency. Insurance agents and companies must abide by certain laws and guidelines. Consumers and policyholders must also provide complete and truthful information (including disclosure of all household members) and comply with the contractual obligations which are located in the policy that was mailed to you by your insurance company. Your time is worth something. If you feel you have been wronged in the handling of a claim, charging of a premium or processing of a policy, talk to your adjuster, agent or customer service representative first.

A simple phone call or email to the company or agent can often resolve an issue. The hard part is finding the right person to talk to. Your agent can help direct you to the right department or person. Contact your agent and have him or her stay on the line with you until the right person is found. It will always be easier to try to resolve a problem before it builds.

Should you not resolve an issue with the person responsible for handling your policy or claim, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor. Insurance companies really don't like problems to go beyond their offices. A manager can help guide a claims or customer service representative to complete a task. The reputation of the company and the agency are at stake. We really do want a satisfied customer.

After you have exhausted all other means of resolving a problem, you can contact the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Division. This is an Oregon government agency specifically set up to regulate the insurance industry. It is responsible for licensing insurance companies and insurance agents. It also oversees their activities and enforces laws and rules pertaining to the transaction of insurance in the State of Oregon.

Here is a little more information about them:

Oregon Insurance Department

The Oregon Insurance Department's goal is to protect the public's interests by:
ensuring the financial soundness of insurers,
the availability and affordability of insurance, and
fair treatment of policyholders and claimants
The address for the Oregon Insurance Department is:

PO Box 14480
350 Winter St. NE, Room 440
Salem, OR 97309-0405

Phone: 503-947-7980
Fax: 503-378-4351

The Consumer Services Division of the Oregon Insurance Department investigates complaints and attempts to make sure fair and equitable resolutions between insurers, agents, and policyholders regarding insurance transactions. This division receives the complaints against agents or insurers.

Web Site: http://insurance.oregon.gov/

Do you want to complain to the State Insurance Department?

You will have to request forms to be sent to you or download them from the Insurance Division's website. You must complete them. Be sure you have identified clearly the issue you want resolved and the individual names and contact numbers involved in the problem.

Remember, it is always easier to try to fix a problem before it gets to this point. As stated above, your first option is to address your situation with your agent or insurance company, whichever is the most relevant option. Take care to determine if your issue is with your agent or the insurance company itself. Your agent will make every attempt to assist you to resolve the matter if at all possible. If you cannot come to an agreeable resolution, you may choose to file a formal complaint with the State Insurance Department.