Believe it or not I can still remember when there were no cell phones. When we first started using cell phones they were amazing, and with no speakers on them everyone would drive with this thing held between their ear and shoulder. It was just like holding the phone that way at home while doing chores. No one saw any problem with that. Oh how things have changed.

Cell phones now come with speakers and Bluetooth devices that hook right up to your car stereo. On newer vehicles you can’t receive a text while the car is turned on. For some of us we can’t even hook the Bluetooth up if the car isn’t off. There are no excuses for talking or texting when you drive.

Car insurance companies have linked more accidents to cell phone use - especially texting - than to any other cause. As a result what used to be a non chargeable violation has become a major violation. And before you take the position that it is in the car insurance companies favor to make this a major violation think about it.

People using their cell phones while driving are distracted. Of course they are. They are looking at their phones. They are dialing, they are checking social media, they are texting. That means they are taking their eyes off the road and not watching. How many times have you seen someone not going when the light turns green or swerving over the line. They don’t see you stop quickly. They don’t see the dog run in the road. They don’t see the car that just cut you off. So they aren’t driving defensively and they don’t react. They are risking not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.

How do you stop people from doing that? Simply making it illegal has not worked. If you get a cell phone/texting ticket you will pay the cost of the ticket and up to $40.00 a month more on your car insurance for three years. If your insurance company is on the $40.00 end of the scale that’s $1,440.00 over three years just for the ticket on your insurance.

There are a variety of ways to handle phone calls and texts while you are driving. The one that works best for you depends on the age of your vehicle. We will be doing some research on what is out there and available so give us a call at 503-489-3143 and we will be happy to share what we find with you.

At Pulse Insurance we care about you. We care about the guy in the car next to you. And we care that we are behind you.