You may have heard about this but at least here in the Portland metropolitan area the policy now have programs installed in their vehicles to automatically read your license plate number. This program tells them everything about your car. Even if you have insurance!


The program is referred to as ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader). Information includes who is the registered owner, whether the vehicle is stolen, and if you have car insurance or not. This means when a police officer drives behind you, or past a parked vehicle, this information is on the screen. If the vehicle is stolen it is flagged and they stop to investigate. There are also non insurance related uses on both the state and federal level for the system. The list is really quite extensive and it is used world wide.


For some time we have been writing about the typical driving violation stop where the police officer asks for your proof of car insurance, license, and registration. Now that officer is just giving you a chance to prove you just got car insurance and it isn’t in the system yet. Remember though you are still required to carry the proof, either electronic or paper. That is still a valid law.

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