An SR-22 is a form or certificate that shows that you have auto insurance. It is the State of Oregon's way of making sure that you maintain liability insurance. You may be required by the Oregon DMV to file an SR-22 form if you were involved in one or more of the following:

  • DUI (drunk driving),
  • serious moving violations such as reckless driving,
  • in an accident while uninsured (at-fault or not),
  • driving uninsured.


Regulations vary from state to state, but drivers required to provide this proof of minimum insurance must do so by turning in an SR-22 certificate for at least three years. Failure to turn in an SR22 if you are required to do so during the three year SR22 requirement period will result in the suspension of your drivers license or driving privileges. You can reinstate your license by buying another car insurance policy and turning in another SR22 to the DMV. You may have to pay a reinstatement fee.