If you've been in an accident, take down the name of the driver, address, phone number and license plate number. Also get the other driver's insurance company name and policy number.

Always keep a pen and paper in your car. A pen that works is helpful. Hot summer days can dry out a pen. A pencil might be better.

Please share your information with the other driver but DO NOT ADMIT FAULT. Let the insurance adjusters investigate the claim to determine who was at fault. Oregon law says you have to cooperate at the scene of an accident and give your relevant information to the other party even if you are sure you were not at fault. Also, you should cooperate with the adjusters of each of the companies involved so they may gather the claim details to make a proper assessment of who was at fault and who will get paid.

If you or the other driver were injured, seek medical attention immediately and then you should report the accident to your insurance company. If you were not injured, you should only report the accident to the company of the driver you are positive was at fault. If the police are called to the scene, be sure you write down the officer's name and badge number. It will come in handy for your adjuster to request a police report. You will need to speak with the insurance company directly.

You can report the accident to your agent, however, agents are not claims representatives and will simply be a conduit to your insurance company. Statements must be made directly from you to the company claims representative. Agents do not settle insurance claims. Claims representatives work for the insurance company and have the authority to deny or approve claims.