Damage to your automobile can be covered on your Oregon automobile policy under two main physical damage coverages: Comprehensive and Collision. Depending on what kind of damage your car suffered and how it got damaged will determine which coverage will pay for the claim.

If you hit a deer, cow, horse or other animal in the road, your car gets stolen, burns up in a fire or is vandalized, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the claim.

If you crash your car into something and you or another driver are behind the wheel or responsible for the car (maybe you forgot to put it in park or set the brake and it gets away from you and smashes into another parked car) then your collision coverage would take effect.

Physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) are optional coverages. Adding them to your policy will raise the price of your car insurance. We often call this 'full coverage'. However, full coverage doesn't mean you have all the optional coverages as well. You may need to consider the extra coverages like towing and rental. Some companies now offer roadside assistance coverage. True roadside assistance is not the same as towing. We'll be happy to explain the difference.