If this is your first car, yes, you'll have to buy auto insurance before you drive your new car off the dealer's lot. However, if you already have an auto policy with comprehensive, collision and liability, it will generally cover your new automobile for a period of up to 14 days after you buy it, giving you plenty of time to inform your agent of the purchase.

It is not unusual for a lender to require full coverage on a your new car if it financed. Your new car serves as the collateral for the lender, so it is in the best interest of the finance company to have it fully financially protected. This is legal so long as the lender or the dealer do not mandate which insurance company you must use.

If you are buying a new car that is being financed and do not have comprehensive and collision coverage on your existing car, call us and we will immediately add the car and coverage you need and fax the proof of insurance to the lender and dealer.