Oregon has some of the toughest car insurance requirement laws in the nation. However, a large number of Oregon drivers still think it is a right to drive on Oregon streets and highways without insurance. Driving is not a right! It is a privilege. A privilege must be earned.

You earn the privilege to drive on Oregon roads by working hard to earn enough money to buy a car, put gas in it and to license it. You must also maintain it in good working order and insure it! Only then have you truly earned the 'right' to drive on the highway. Missing any one of these steps can lead to disaster.

Okay. You are one of the 60% of drivers who want to comply with the law and purchase insurance. How can you protect yourself against the other 40% who may or may not have insurance at any given time?

Easy! Buy uninsured motorist (UMBI) coverage. Chances are if you have insurance right now you probably already have uninsured motorist coverage. Why? Because it is a mandatory coverage as part of the basic auto insurance coverage you purchased. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for injury you are caused by another at-fault driver who doesn't have insurance at the time of the accident.

You can optionally purchase uninsured motorist (UMPD) coverage for your car too. It usually doesn't cost you that much more to add that extra coverage.

We shouldn't have to buy uninsured motorist coverage if everyone complied with the law. But, until there is a way to guarantee 100% compliance with the law, we have uninsured motorist to protect us.