The first thing you do is see if there were any witnesses to the damage being caused to your vehicle. Look for notes someone may have left behind. Also look for car parts that may have fallen off the offending automobile. Those might help in identifying who caused the accident.

Be careful to check to see if your car is safe to drive. Broken turn signals or brake lights can get you a ticket driving your car home or to the body shop. You may have to tow your car home if it is any way unsafe to drive.


  1. Check with your insurance agent to be sure you have uninsured motorist property damage coverage on your policy,
  2. File a police report as soon as possible at their non-emergency number (don't dial 911),
  3. Make a claim with your insurance company either at their website or via telephone.


Be aware that if you do have uninsured motorist property damage coverage you will be subject to a deductible of usually $200 if you know who did it, $300 if you don't.