A lot of Oregon drivers think that buying minimum auto liability insurance has something to do with the age of the vehicle they drive. Oregon motor vehicle law is very clear that every car, truck, van, sports utility vehicle (SUV) and motorcycle must have a minimum amount of insurance no matter how old the vehicle.

In fact, logic would say the older the vehicle the more likely you might get in an accident and you would be responsible for the injuries you cause. Why? Because brakes are more likely to fail on an older car. The accelerator might stick. The suspension that controls the steering of your old car might not respond like a newer car. Yes, you might be safer because of the weight and metal around you, but the chance you might cause a car accident increases with the possibility of mechanical failure.

Physical damage coverage for an older car is probably not necessary. The cost to repair or replace your 15+ year old car most likely doesn't exceed the increased cost to insure it for full coverage. The exception would be a 25 year old classic that has been fully restored. In that case you would want special classic car coverage that provides both liability and physical damage (comprehensive and collision) after an appraisal has been done.