Driving Record

Your driving record of claims and traffic violations for up to three years determine the cost of your insurance. Drivers with more accidents and tickets on their records will have higher premiums and are statistically more likely to have more claims than the driver with a clear record.

Age, Sex and Marital Status

Statistics show that the frequency of accidents is higher for males than females. But that is changing and becoming more equal. Teenagers and elderly have more accidents than adults and single people have more accidents than married people.

Zip Code of Residence

Congested areas such as Portland, Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon have heavier traffic and more thefts and vandalism. Consequently, these areas pay higher premiums than rural areas.

Type of Vehicle and Vehicle Use

Some vehicles cost more to repair than others or cause greater injury to passengers and therefore cost more to insure. Higher premiums are also the result of vehicle usage, such as business use and vehicle performance, such as turbo or other high performance engines.