How and Why Would My Insurance Policy Get Canceled?

The two most common reasons for cancellation are for non-payment of the insurance premium or undisclosed underwriting information. It's getting harder to hide important information. For example, the State of Oregon now allows active, real-time motor vehicle report searches, so an undisclosed driving record is becoming less common. It is also important to disclose all residents of your household age 14 and over, regardless of their driving status. Undisclosed drivers in the household or business can be grounds for termination or denial of a claim. Call us at Pulse Insurance 503-489-3143 with any other insurance questions.

How do I Make Insurance Payments?

There are a number of easy ways to make payments:

  • Check by phone or mail,
  • MasterCard, VISA, or
  • Money Order by mail.

You can also call us on the phone (503-489-3143) or stop by our office and we will upload it for you. No cash or personal checks please. We can use your check and process it electronically like a debit card. Funds must be in the account.

When Does My Insurance Start?

In most cases your insurance policy will take effect immediately upon payment and signature on an application. We offer instant coverage on all types of personal auto, recreational vehicle and home policies. A policy can be requested to start on the same day or anytime in the future. Back-dating is illegal--don't even ask! Commercial and life policies may experience a slight delay, depending on the time of day the quote is requested.

Is There an Advantage to Buying Insurance From a Local Independent Insurance Agent?

By purchasing insurance from an agent you receive personal, one-on-one service. An agent with whom you have direct contact can be vital when purchasing a policy and helpful when filing a claim. Your local independent agent can provide you with immediate certificates, documents and answers to your questions.

It is also important to note that many insurance carriers offer direct policies as well as operate through independent agents, all under the same name. Please be careful! This does not mean that you get the same rate from the same insurance company. Often you find the price of the direct version of the company is more expensive than if you buy through an agent. Be sure to shop both and weigh the benefits before you make a decision. Ask yourself how much those direct insurance company television ads cost!

What Does Credit Have to do with Insurance?

Insurance companies and institutes have conducted studies they believe prove that credit history can predict the likelihood you will be involved in an accident or have a claim. Insurance companies also consider your consumer and insurance credit history to determine how well you pay your bills on time. The billing process is a huge expense to the company. Printing, handling, postage and receipting are all costly and time consuming efforts. Any additional effort on their part to collect from you will translate to higher insurance rates and lower your insurance credit score.

We think you should have a choice whether to include credit as a factor in the price of your insurance. We have several companies that do not check your credit score if you prefer not to have it considered.