How Do I Make My Car Insurance Payment?

Insurance companies have now made it so easy to make payments on auto insurance policies. It's important to remember that if you pay in the agent's office with a form other than E-check/credit/debit, there will be an additional $5.00 fee payable to the agency for handling charges.  Here is a list of the different methods of payment:

  • Cash or money order in the agents office (add $5.00 fee),
  • E-check by phone directly with the insurance company,
  • Credit or debit card by phone directly with the insurance company,
  • Money order by mail,
  • Check by mail,
  • Electronic funds transfer from checking,
  • Electronic funds transfer from savings,
  • Electronic funds transfer from credit or debit,
  • Website payment with e-check and savings,
  • Website payment with credit or debit card.

Since you are reading this online, you will probably enjoy the convenience of paying online. Look for your insurance company listed to the left or below. It should take you to your company's website where you can make a payment with an electronic check or credit card. If you find your company doesn't take payments on line, a phone number will appear that you can call with your credit card. Always have your policy number and credit card or check ready.

If you are interested in setting up your policy to have payments automatically drawn from your account, just call us at 503-489-3143 or email us. We'll be happy to send you the forms you need to fill out to have your payments taken electronically on the same day each month.