Your personal data is just that: personal! When you call or click for a quote from Pulse Insurance, we keep your personal data safe and secure. We do need this information to give you an accurate rate quote. It used to be we could ballpark the quote if you don't want to give one or more of the five critical data items. Not anymore. The companies will give you a quote only if you give us the minimum required pieces of information.

We will almost never ask you for your social security number. It's not necessary. Most companies can now find your credit score and other consumer reports with just your name, date-of-birth, address and drivers license number.

We are consumers too. We commit to being cautious in the handling of your personal data. We store your personal information in a password protected computer. The software requires a user name and password and accessed by authorized and licensed insurance agents only. The data is stored on the hard drive in an encrypted format that can only be read by proprietary software. If data is transmitted to an insurance company via the web, we use only secure SSL certified connections to the insurance company's server.

We will never sell your information to other vendors. If you get a call or email soliciting your insurance business, it didn't come from us. Be careful when you fill out forms online for quote requests. Some promise you a "easy trick" to saving money. Most of those banner ads and sites only sell your information to several companies and agents who will pester you to death to buy insurance from them. If you complete a form on our site or get a quote from us, it stays with us. You'll only get one call! Not hundreds.